“We like to make movies, to tell stories we enjoy and to move other people with them”

“Our productions are focused on long-feature films for theatres (cinema) and TV, documentaries, or any other visual expression that displays an original and attractive approach. Our production style is flexible but we are always looking for quality and singularity in every project.
We like to stay open to every proposal, regardless of its origin, director or stage of the project, because we want to share the development of the project and, if possible, to do so from the beginning.

We believe in new points of view and we feel very comfortable working with new directors, but we also like to work with those who have a solid career. We are not really interested in the final consumer, tv or cinema, as long as the project has the quality and interest we value.

Our productions are open to the world and very often our collaborators are national distributors, as well as European and Latin American professionals. We try to consolidate a group of alliances that has taken us to festivals such as Cannes, Sundance, Sant Sebastián, Berlín, Locarno…and to being candidates at well-known film awards like Los Goya, Los Ariel or the Oscar.”

We are in:

Aragó 217, 5e – 08007 – Barcelona (mapa)

Tfn: +34 93 451 25 60
Email: [email protected] (gral.conditions Email)