End of filming and first images of ‘PETRA’, the new film of Jaime Rosales with Barbara Lennie, Marisa Paredes and Àlex Brendemühl


Petra is a cruel road with no return to the truth. The story of a search turned into a spiral of tragedy, family secrets, death and violence for its protagonists. On the other side, the inner strength of Petra carried to the last consequences and love, determined to claim its place.

After seven demanding weeks of filming between Madrid, Sierra Norte Madrileña and the Empordà region in the province of Girona, the filming of this film with Jaime Rosales explores a new and different horizon in his career as a filmmaker.

Petra has a cast headed by Barbara Lennie, Marisa Paredes, Àlex Brendemühl or Joan Botey, for who it is his first experience in a film, as well as with a wide team of outstanding professionals in the technical section.

Clara Roquet (10,000 kms) and Michel Gaztambide (No habrá paz para los malvados) sign with Rosales himself a script for the search of deep characters, extreme passions, narrative rhythm and constant surprises. “The most powerful script I’ve read in a long time,” said Barbara Lennie. For his part, the prestigious Danish musician Kristian Eidnes Andersen (Nymphomaniac, Sólo Dios persona, Ida) will entrust the original soundtrack to the film.

After the last clap, Jaime Rosales has valued the filming of Petra as “one of the most demanding film experiences and, at the same time, more stimulating of my career. Maybe because we set ourselves up to invent new solutions every day. What had worked the day before we could not repeat it to the next. What we did not, we had to redesign it. We have tried at all times to avoid self-indulgence. To invent, to look for, to start over, to place ourselves each day in front of the abyss thinking about how to stimulate the spectator with each plane. A story where the rhythm, the continuous turns, the depth of the characters, the interpretations, the spaces or the light itself are key elements for the final result made us conceive it this way. Now we are exhausted, but very satisfied to have Petra shot as we have rolled it. Something that would have been unimaginable without the magnificent team that accompanied us and without some really special actors. “

Petra is produced by Fresdeval Films, Wanda Vision, Oberon Cinematogràfica, Les Productions Balthazar (France) and Snowglobe (Denmark) with the participation of TVE, TVC, Movistar +, ICAA, ICEC and Eurimages. Distributed by Wanda Vision, it is scheduled for release in 2018.


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