In the midst of the profound social and political changes that took place in Barcelona between the end of the Dictatorship of Primo de Rivera and the Second Republic, there is a total decadence of the Lloberola, a Barcelonian aristocratic family. Before the economic ruin and the death of their patriarch, Frederic, the first-born son, fails to maintain his status because of his pride that will lead him to lose his family and his lover and will condemn him to live on charity of those who had been their servants.

On the other hand, Guillem, his younger brother, struggles to return to the peak by any means and unscrupulous. That is why he goes into blackmailing of an aristocrat, and after his death Guillem will not hesitate to seduce his wealthy widow.

Maria Lluïsa, daughter of Frederic and Guillem’s niece, rebels against the idea of ​​a marriage of convenience imposed by her grandmother. She decides to work and become independent, but a “love slip” obliges her to change his plans.

TV Miniseries.

Screenplay adapted from the novel “Vida Privada”, written by Josep Maria de Sagarra.

Written by Coral Cruz and directed by Sílvia Munt. Produced by Oberon Cinematogràfica and televisió de Catalunya. Associated Producer Impulsafilm, with colaboration of CECAAC. Supported by Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals, Generalitat de Catalunya, Departament de Cultura.