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Sara has lived alone most of her life. Now, she’s 21 and wishes to mend the small family she has: she will try to convince Dani, the father of her baby, to get back together with her and she’ll ask for the custody of her brother Martín (8) in order to reunite them under the same roof. Her father, Manuel, after a years-long absence decides to return. Sara allows him into her life, but knows he is as selfish as he has always been. She makes a decision: she has to shut him out of her life.

Written by Belén Funes y Marçal Cebrian

Directed by Belén Funes

La Hija de un Ladrón pretends to explore toxic relationships that nest within the family and configure the adult self. At the centre of the story we find Sara, a 21-year-old woman marked by her relationship with her father: a selfish and intermittent man that has suddenly decided to return.

The solitude Sara was forced into during her childhood and her adolescence made her into a strong and decided woman that yearns for the love of a father, who will inevitably disappear again. Sara fights against the power of blood. She fights to prevent the man who gave her life from taking it away from her again.

Belén Funes

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